Why are employee health checks and screenings important?


... Well, if only ALL red flags were this easy to see!


Unfortunately, when it comes to spotting diseases early, the signs are not obvious - but that's where we can help...


In today's society where stress is on the increase, where delicious processed foods attract us, and where it's easy to fall into the couch and remain there while we watch tv, 'surf the net', or take a "well-earned tipple", it's no wonder that diseases such as  cancers, diabetes, and angina are on the rise.


The fact is that many of us are unaware of our own particular risk factors, and don't know the simple things to do to improve our health. We need to realise that the choices we make with our diet and lifestyle impacts on our WHOLE person, meaning our:



 (1) HEART and blood circulatory system


  (2) Other BODY vital organs and systems






Facts that may surprise you


  • You could have a medical risk factor - like high blood sugar - and not know until it develops into diabetes


  • A survey in Northern Ireland found that 28% of people had high blood pressure and did not know it


  • You could be suffering anxiety or depression and not realise it, or not know how to manage it


  • Habits, such as what you choose to eat and drink, are all risk factors for disease - and can even be the the cause of your mood swings or accidents!


  • Many people will put off seeing a doctor due to inconvenience


  • Some  people find it difficult to be absolutely honest with their GP about important facts in their lifestyles - like how much alcohol they drink


  • Due to finance, GP surgeries are hard-pushed to be able to give you annual health checks  




Health3 can provide you:



 Early detection of medical risk factors, with results presented in a portfolio you can show to your GP 


 Evaluation and guidance regarding risk factors within your own personal lifestyle


 Regular health checks to enable you to monitor your improvement 


 Reassurance that you are maintaining a low-risk health status and lifestyle


 Friendly and professional service